How do you find the best centrifugal juicers for your needs?

For me, buying a good juicer rested on one simple fact – would it be able to offer me the nutrition I need? With a work lifestyle that involves me going off to work at 9 in the morning and getting back home after 6 pm, I needed a juicer that can do things quick. And when I stumbled onto Omega 8006, I knew this was the one.

The Omega 8006 single gear masticating juicer is specially designed to reap more nutrients out of your yield. The juicer produces clear pulp free juice which can be stored for a longer time due to low oxidation. Omega 8006 is upgraded version of Omega J8005 and can juice leafy green, fruits, vegetables, nuts, wheat grass and more.

Striking Features

8006 is equipped with a heavy duty ultem auger which is more than 8 times stronger than a normal auger.

  • The juicer squeezes the juice out of your yield at a steady and low speed of 80RPM. The slow speed prevents oxidation as it keeps the air out. Juices can be stored longer and you get the maximum nutrients out of your greens and fruits.
  • There is a unique pulp ejection system which enables you to continuously feed into the juicer without cleaning. You don’t need to clean the pulp container as the machine takes care of it.
  • Omega 8006 can be disassembled in 4 parts quickly and easily. It makes cleaning super easy. All you need to do is put them under running water and rinse properly.
  • You can use the juicer for a variety of items and make nut butters, baby food, smoothies, frozen desserts and more.

Some things that you would love

It has a low RPM speed and the filter basket is corrosion free. The masticating juicer is simple, yet compact and easy to clean. You also have a flexible assembling and de-assembling system and can carry it from one place to another, making it surprisingly portable.

The juicer is also suitable to use with green leafy vegetables and does not make much noise. There is a good 15 years of warranty and the juice produced does not have any foam content. It is one of the complete juicers that you would love to own.


  • Versatile juicer which can be used to juice many items
  • Slow RPM means low oxidation, better yield, maximum nutrients and storing longevity
  • Can be taken apart and easily cleaned under 5 minutes
  • High quality built with 15 years guarantee


The feeding tube is a bit narrow to accommodate big pieces. You have to cut the items and then feed into the juicer.


You can juice a little bit of everything that you need, from fruits to vegetables, so that you get the complete nutrition you need.

Omega 8006 is an all around juicer which can be used to make a variety of food. It gives you a clear pulp free juice promoting your health and lifestyle. You can go for Omega VRT350HD if you prefer thick and pulpy yields.

The other popular choices

Recommended Product Reviews

  1. Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor


This model from Breville features a 850 watt dual speed motor that can take care of all your juicing needs. There is the one liter juice jug and three inch feeder chute that makes for an easy experience.

With a LED and large pulp collector you can make as much of juice as you want at one go. The model has a stainless steel design and safety locking alarm so that the juice doesn’t spill out. You can choose from two different speeds – 12,000RPM or 6,500RPM.

  1. Omega J8003 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer


This model offers a high juice yield, and offers a much lower RPM speed of 80, which means that you get more delicious juice. There is also no foaming and no clogging, and you can make the juice within minutes. Some other features include the food processor and pasta extruder that make your juicers’ capabilities more versatile.

There is no heat build up and you can make juices when you want, easily. It’s safe to be used by kids as well.

  1. Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer


You get a high yield of juice, which makes this an economical choice. It is a household masticating juicer very often referred to as a low speed juicer because of its speed at 80 rpm which is very low compared to others. The low speed mechanism of the juicer allows juice to be stored for up to 72 hours without getting spoilt and protects the healthy enzymes. It is enabled with the dual stage juicing system which helps in extracting maximum amount of juice from fruits, vegetables and the like. It performs various functions like that of a juicer, grinder, homogenizer, etc. And it also comes with a auto pulp ejection function and a 10 year warranty.

  1. Cuisinart CJE-1000 1000-Watt Juice Extractor


This one is has some good power and a 3 inch feeding chute. The juicer is made for those who really love to drink juices and comes along with 2-liter pulp container, and even a 1-quart juice pitcher. It is dishwasher safe and you can wash it easily. It is extremely quiet to use and has a LED light ring for easy access. The easy unlock and lift system and reduced foam ensures that you have a juicer that is easy to handle and make juices from.

Leaning toward the best wheatgrass juicers? That’s also a great idea! Just remember to research, research, and research before buying one.

Just like any other supplies, foodstuffs can be costly sometimes prompting us to budget. We have sampled 7 best ways on how to eat healthy on a budget.

  1. Routine protein shakes


For improved health and reduced risk of acquiring weight-related disease factor risks, a nutrient fortified meal is important. You can cut on cost by carrying homemade shake made from fresh ground flaxseed, unsweetened coconut and frozen raspberries. This will prevent you from tunneling deep into your pocket to order a more costly meal or drink.

  1. Volunteer at a farmers collective

You can spend your extra time producing your own foods. Urban farming allows you to work for local produces at a lower price. Even if you do not have access to farmers collective, you can still acquire related benefits through numerous pasture-raised foods such as grass-fed beef. You can buy your foods at the local market at a cheaper price. During frosty seasons, you can get the same produces in the indoor farmers markets.

  1. Prioritize on food rich in roughage

Vegetarian food including vegetables nuts and legumes with copy space on white background.

Roughage naturally makes you full faster, suspends gastrointestinal emptying, stops cravings and prompts blood sugar balance. Capitalize on the less expensive high-fiber foods such as leafy greens, legumes, seeds, fruits and nuts. An hour or 30 minutes before every meal, stir a scoop of a fiber-blend supplement powder or a recently pulverized flaxseed to reduce your pudding craving.

  1. Cut on meaty foods and buy more vegetable

Among your best food deals are grass-fed beef, wild-caught salmon, first-class protein and indispensable fatty acids. Maximize on vegetables especially if you are serving a large family. Different plants contain diverse nutrients. While avocados offer good fats, carbs like legumes quinoa are high on fiber. Cruciferous and verdant veggies will teach you how to eat healthy on budget.

  1. Have a stock of frozen foods


To guarantee obtainability of side dishes, stews, soup and shakes make sure to have a stock of the frozen requisites. This will help you save a few dollars since you will not be required to shop more often. Consequently, presence of frozen products will help you maximize on what is available and avoid wastage.

  1. Ignore ready to eat or ready to cook foodstuffs

Convenience attracts extra dollars, which in turn strains your resources. Trimmed and cleaned chicken breasts, pre-cooked foods and pre-sliced veggies boost supermarkets income twice. You can spend less for more by buying the unready foods. While you will devote more time preparing them, they will cut your cost by half.

  1. Practice seasonal and local buying

To save money in every season, you must learn what foods flourish in various spells. Summer is most favorable for juicy blueberries while spring is known for Asparagus. Seasonal buying not only allows you to purchase less expensive foods but also means more nutrients, freshness and locally available.

To conclude, discipline and dedication is needed for people to know how to eat healthy on a budget. Practice healthy living by eating reasonably priced nutritive foods. Avoid skipping meals as it might prompt your to order a more expensive ghoulish slap-up meals.2

Exercise and clean eating are key ingredients for that body you’ve always wanted, but your attitude is just as important.

Follow these simple tips to help you stay focused on your journey:

1) Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?


Ask yourself why you want to lose weight. When you have your answer, write it down somewhere you will see it often. Write it several places if you want to. Studies show that when you write something down you are more likely to do it.

2) Look Beyond the Scale

Set your goals beyond what the scale reads. Make a workout schedule, and follow it. Stock your refrigerator with vegetables and fruit, and actually eat them. It’s easy to get distracted by the number of pounds you’ve lost, but being healthy has more benefits than what our scales read. Mental and emotional health are just as important as our physical health.

3) Use Your Smartphone


There are so many exercise plans and programs available right at your fingertips to help you stay motivated. Visit your App Store and see which apps fit your lifestyle change.

4) Keep Your Surroundings Healthy

All that you see and do should be helpful to your lifestyle change. This means keeping track of what’s around you and influencing your choices. What’s in your refrigerator? Is it conducive to healthy eating? Where is your exercise equipment? It should be in plain site. Your surroundings influence you greatly.

5) Don’t Be a Perfectionist


Let your focus be beyond the scale. Trying to be a perfectionist will hinder your motivation. You will slip up and eat the wrong thing. You will miss a day of exercise. But don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, ask yourself what caused you to slip up and fix it. You will have to do this several times on your journey. Remember that it is okay, and be kind to yourself.

6) Be Patient

Everyone gets nervous about the dreaded “weight loss plateau.” There may be some days when the pounds don’t come off as fast as you want, but things are definitely happening in your body that might not show up on a scale. Be patient.

7) Take Note and Start Again

Each week, renew your commitment to your new incredible body and lifestyle. Focus on your goals. Do this, and you’ll control your eating weekly, with a strategy that’ll guarantee success.