Easing the Pain of Teething Babies


When babies teethe, their gums begin to hurt from pressure of the new teeth. This makes for unhappy little ones. The most important thing to ease the pain of teething is cold. The best thing for a teething baby would be a chilled spoon, washcloth, or cold foods can help decrease the pain.There are even products designed for teething babies to chew on, that can sit in the fridge until cool enough. There are also products like jewelry designed for moms with teething babies that are non-toxic. The most important thing for a teething baby is chewing on something cold. There are several products online that do the trick as well. There are silicone or rubber teethers on virtually any baby store site. There are products that you can place fruit into that the baby can chew and suck on. But even if you don’t want to spend money on these products, just using something cold on the baby’s gums or letting them chew something cold helps a lot to diminish the perceived pain the child has.