Top Tips to Stay Motivated While Losing Weight

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Exercise and clean eating are key ingredients for that body you’ve always wanted, but your attitude is just as important.

Follow these simple tips to help you stay focused on your journey:

1) Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?


Ask yourself why you want to lose weight. When you have your answer, write it down somewhere you will see it often. Write it several places if you want to. Studies show that when you write something down you are more likely to do it.

2) Look Beyond the Scale

Set your goals beyond what the scale reads. Make a workout schedule, and follow it. Stock your refrigerator with vegetables and fruit, and actually eat them. It’s easy to get distracted by the number of pounds you’ve lost, but being healthy has more benefits than what our scales read. Mental and emotional health are just as important as our physical health.

3) Use Your Smartphone


There are so many exercise plans and programs available right at your fingertips to help you stay motivated. Visit your App Store and see which apps fit your lifestyle change.

4) Keep Your Surroundings Healthy

All that you see and do should be helpful to your lifestyle change. This means keeping track of what’s around you and influencing your choices. What’s in your refrigerator? Is it conducive to healthy eating? Where is your exercise equipment? It should be in plain site. Your surroundings influence you greatly.

5) Don’t Be a Perfectionist


Let your focus be beyond the scale. Trying to be a perfectionist will hinder your motivation. You will slip up and eat the wrong thing. You will miss a day of exercise. But don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, ask yourself what caused you to slip up and fix it. You will have to do this several times on your journey. Remember that it is okay, and be kind to yourself.

6) Be Patient

Everyone gets nervous about the dreaded “weight loss plateau.” There may be some days when the pounds don’t come off as fast as you want, but things are definitely happening in your body that might not show up on a scale. Be patient.

7) Take Note and Start Again

Each week, renew your commitment to your new incredible body and lifestyle. Focus on your goals. Do this, and you’ll control your eating weekly, with a strategy that’ll guarantee success.